By: Douglas Kaylor, 33°
Our Scottish Right Heritage
We first enter the Consistory as knight aspirants – offering ourselves as servants and soldiers in the Grand Army of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite.
We pledge ourselves as servants to help and care for our families, neighbors, those who have been orphaned, and our brothers in distress. We are Brother Masons, building that “house not made with hands.”
As soldiers meeting in the Consistory of Sublime Princes of the Royal Secret, we commit to protect and defend those who can no longer fight for themselves. We do so in the spirit of the Crusaders, who, though they were from many countries and cultures, united in common cause in the service of God.
Our enemy today is apathy, distraction, and self-involvement. We spend our best time on the job, and then we look for relaxation and leisure in hobbies, sports, television, family, or other reasonable and proper activities.
We are too tired to go to lodge or attend a Valley meeting. We often rationalize our actions by thinking, “what can one man do?”

Act Every Day
Every one of us can do something every day to live our obligations as master masons and 32° Sublime Princes of the Royal Secret. We may:
  • Visit an elderly parent or relative or person in need
  • Set an example to our children or families
  • Participate in a worship service
  • Practice good citizenship
  • Be an ethical businessman
  • Give of our time, talent or treasure to charity and the welfare of others

Be an Active Scottish Rite Mason

  • Go to Lodge
  • Support your officers, help with candidates, be a good sideliner, be a mentor to a new mason
  • Be the man that others look up to and say, “I want to be like him.”
  • Volunteer your time in your Valley
  • Help us help our veterans, those in health care facilities, and our widows
  • Live our Scottish Rite Vision “to care for our members.”