CONGRATULATIONS to the Valley of Dayton’s newest nominees to receive the 33rd Degree at Supreme Council in Rochester next year! They are RWB Walt Barner and RWB Cliff Koss. WB Steve Goad was nominated last year and will also receive his 33rd Degree next year in Rochester.

These are three exceptional Masons who certainly deserve this honor!

33rd Degree Election Results

Congratulations to the following men who were recently elected to receive the 33rd Degree in Rochester, NY, in August 2017.

Walter G. Barner, Jr. – Valley of Dayton
Mark A. Ginty – Valley of Columbus
William G. Guy – Valley of Columbus
Hugh A. Harris – Valley of Cleveland
Clifford P. Koss – Valley of Dayton
Dominic M. Lucarelli – Valley of Youngstown
Edward C. McIntyre – Valley of Cincinnati
Gregory R. Metcalf – Valley of Steubenville
William E. Murphy – Valley of Akron
Timothy A. Oliver – Valley of Cambridge
Jess N. Raines – Valley of Cambridge
Kevin R. Weisman – Valley of Toledo
Danny L. Welch – Valley of Canton
Ralph E. Winkler – Valley of Cincinnati

They join the following men who were elected last year and who will also receive their 33rd Degree in Rochester.

James R. Amlung – Valley of Akron
Theodore D. Cutts – Valley of Cleveland
Trent T. Dominique – Valley of Toledo
Mark S. Fraley – Valley of Steubenville
William N. Frank – Valley of Cincinnati
Steven D. Goad – Valley of Dayton
Richard H. Mead – Valley of Columbus
Thomas N. Moe – Valley of Columbus
Gerald G. Pugh – Valley of Cambridge
Jeffery L. Rannebarger – Valley of Columbus
Terry L. Rundquist – Valley of Canton