Director of Membership:
Ill ∴ Andrew L. (Skip) Vanderhorst, 33°


Membership Recruitment Chairman:
Ill ∴ Roy Livesay, Jr., 33°
Assistant Chairman:
Ill ∴ Garis E. Pugh, 33°
Committee Members:
Ill ∴ Nathan H. Pelfrey Jr., 33°, David N. Kleiner, Brian D. Worley, David R. Leytze, E. Duane Wooten


New Member Incorporation Chairman:
Paul W. Weglage and Adam R. Bray


Committee Members:
Ill ∴ William P. Mayberry, 33°, Walter G. Barner, Scott T. Sowder, Mark E. Howard, Richard L. Ganion


Communication and Promotion Chairman:
Christopher L. Atchison and Steve F. Taylor, Jr.


Committee Members:
Ill ∴ John E. Rhodes, Jr. 33°, Steven D. Goad, John D. Berthy, Richard W. Deak, Troy L. Davis


Retention and Fraternal Care Chairman:
Ill ∴ Stephen H. Schlechty, 33° – Steven J. Hottle


Assistant Chairman:
Ill ∴ Steven D. Behme, 33°
Assistant Chairman:
Ill ∴ Keith T. Knight, 33°
Assistant Chairman and Hospitaler:
James R. Coleman, 32°,MSA
Committee Members:
Ill ∴ Richard L. Coy, 33°, Clifford P. Koss, Steve F. Taylor, Jr. Adam R. Bray, Keith M. Rawlins


Recording Secretary:
Ill ∴ John H. Smith, 33°


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