On February 17, 1978, I walked into the center lodge room of the Dayton Masonic Center.  The Master of John W. Durst Lodge asked me a question, “In times of difficulty and danger…”  You know the rest.

This pandemic of 2020 is difficult and dangerous. 

I saw a young man on the news arguing that this virus was not going to stop him from having fun in Florida.  He sounded like the old Beastie Boys song, “You Gotta Fight.. for Your Right.. to Party.”  He had heard the early news that this illness particularly affected those over 60 years of age or those with a compromised immune system.

Well, we find now that such a prediction was early and ill-advised.  Ohio has residents from one year of age to 91 suffering from coronavirus.

In earlier days, I might have wished a pox on his house or someone to punch him in the mouth.  From 42 years of Freemasonry, I realize that youth is sometimes wasted on the young. Relief is one of the tenets of our profession and perhaps he might learn from our Masonic teachings.

In 1978 I gave the correct answer.  If I were asked the question today, I would most certainly give the same answer.