In 1975, Shortly after marriage, Janet and I lived in a tiny one bedroom apartment in Fairborn, Ohio.  I filled out a petition to join Riverview Lodge, and it was signed by my father and grandfather. The several men of the investigating committee came to our tiny apartment and filled the room, to capacity.  I am grateful that they found something positive to report, because in short order, I started my Masonic journey. 

Apprehensive, I knocked and the door was opened , I was greeted by many familiar voices, voices I had known for many, many years.  They were the voices of men that I had grown up around, family friends, neighbors, fishing buddies, and all good, and honorable men.  My apprehension waned that night, hearing these friends and their questions.  That night, I was received as a stranger but shortly met lifelong friends and brothers.
As many have done before me, I was raised in the center lodge room,

I will always consider this a special place, because at the foot of the Master’s station, my grandfather pinned my first masonic pin upon my chest.  He passed from labor to rest shortly thereafter, as have many of the voices from that first night. Brothers, friends and men whose memory, I will always cherish. 

I have since passed that “first pin” to my son’s chest and pray he enjoys this fraternity as I have.