Sad that my ‘last hurrah’ as Sovereign Prince was terminated with the cancellation of the Spring Reunion.  I was looking forward to conferring both the 15th and 16th  Degrees as Sovereign Prince/Zerubbabel.  But our #1 priority is doing what we can to keep everyone safe.

Reminds me of the fall of 1995, when I was attending the Senior NCO Academy in Montgomery Al – hurricane Hugo hit, devastating the area the day before we were to have our graduation ceremony and banquet.   The downtown arena/banquet hall we were to use escaped unscathed, was turned into an emergency shelter. My entire graduating class voted to donate our fees for the banquet – not really much per person, but together we fed between two and three thousand people.

In this time there are many that cannot get food, and could use our help.  If each of us would provide just a little, if we can, to food banks and shelters, look at the greater good we could do as a group.  Brotherly love, relief, and truth!