In 1997, I was a seminary student and part-time pastor living and serving on Felicity, Ohio (in the Sixth Masonic District – southeast of Cincinnati). After a devastating spring flood impacted many people in our community, a tornado hit that summer. My wife and I were away from home visiting my newborn nephew and our daughters were with church friends. A frantic journey home in the middle of the tornado was met with relief when we learned they were fine.

Our power and phone were out for several days. This was the days before universal and inexpensive cell phone service. When phone service returned, we had three phone calls in fairly rapid succession – both of our parents and Ill. and MWB Steven J. Krekus (not yet Grand Master then).

I had known Steve for much of my Masonic and DeMolay life. He had been my advisor as State Master Councilor and had become a true and trusty friend. He was a participant in our wedding in 1989, reading the Scripture lesson for us during the ceremony. I cannot tell you what that call meant to us from Cleveland.

Of the three great tenets of our fraternity, Brotherly Love may be the most important to me. I was reminded in a few minutes of phone conversation that the bonds of Brotherly Love are among the strongest men can experience.

Someone today needs to hear from you – a call or text or even an email. A Brother’s life will be improved by your reaching out to check on him and ensuring he is ok. True every day – especially true today!