This post comes from the text of an email announcement last week of weekly Thursday Night at the Rite digital degree viewing for members only.
Sovereign Grand Commander David A. Glattly invites you:
 “Join us for one of our longest and most complex degrees now made accessible to all. This production is worthy of Cecil B. DeMille! “
The 17° Knight of the East and West 

Livestream Watch Party
Thursday, April 9
7:00 pm (ET) AND 9:00 pm (ET)

Literally, THOUSANDS joined the 4° watch partylast night! Connection between Brothers during this time is so important. We heard you loud and clear. For the next several weeks, mark your calendar!

Knight of the East and West

The 17°degree, Knight of the East and West, dramatizes a picture of human failure, and social and moral behavior. The book of life is sealed. The degree’s philosophy explores how man should seek truth in our way of life, learn from, and avoid repeating the errors of the past. The core values highlighted are Reverence for God and Service.


  • The Livestream is open to members only.
  • The degree will be presented securely through the member center on the NMJ website.
  • Be sure you have an account. Click here to register if you do not have an account. (See registration guide below if you need help.)
  • ON APRIL 9 — Simply log into the member center by 7 pm or 9 pm (ET) and click the “17° Watch Party” link. You can see the link below. A countdown clock will begin running at least 15 minutes before the hour. 
  • The broadcast will not be recorded, nor can it be shared.
  • This is live, only. 
OMING UP! Thursday Night at the Rite!
April 16
7pm (ET) and 9 pm (ET)

Back by Popular Demand!
The new 4° Builder

Bonus Viewing
Updated Version of Sublime Brotherhood

April 23 7pm (ET) and 9 pm (ET) 

The 23° Knight of Valor

April 30 7pm (ET) and 9 pm (ET) 

The 26° Friend and Brother Eternal