I shared these words in 2010 while serving as Grand Chaplain and I think, as we face the uncertainty of COVID-19, they give us guidance today:

When we were asked, “in times of difficulty and danger, in whom do you put your trust?”, the answer informed the brethren that we were believers in a Supreme Ruler of the Universe. Individuals who, with the aid of Divine Wisdom and the secrets of our Masonic Art, might someday display the beauties of true godliness, exhibit social and moral virtue, and bring honor to our fraternity.

 As we were taught the meaning of the ancient signs and symbols, the fundamental principles of our Order were embedded in our minds.

 We learned to put into practice the cardinal virtues of Temperance, Fortitude, Prudence and Justice while enjoying a mutual exchange of fraternal feelings. We became tolerant of the debilities of others and open and sincere in our praise. We learned that it is the internal and not external qualifications of a man that Masonry regards.

 We were taught to be “good men, true and strictly to obey the moral law.” There is no equivocation of any kind. It must be obeyed strictly and not according to the personal views of the individual. It demands exactitude of its performance in the everyday life of Freemasons.

 Such is the nature of our Institution. May the Great Architect shine on our Fraternity forever and ever.

“In times of difficulty and danger, in whom do you put your trust?”