I sit here contemplating how our world has changed in the past month, and it really is beyond my imagination. Some of us have discovered that our jobs are essential, others that we can work from home, and yet some are facing the reality that society can survive without their daily interaction. Many continue to enjoy retirement.

I also cherish our great fraternity. How it has survived, both operative and speculative for thousands of years. I consider the honorable men who have gone before us and the beautiful monuments we enjoy. Why has this fraternity survived? I think it has survived by the very thing that is pulling us through this pandemic. Communication, it is what we are good at. What we are known for. It is our strength and our foundation.

So to honor our forefathers and to continue to strengthen our fraternity. I challenge each of you to make contact with our brothers. Make at least one call a day. Maybe it is someone you only see at Scottish Rite venues, or someone you have not seen in Blue Lodge in a while. Give them a call to let them know you are thinking of them. See if they need anything. If they do have a need, let the Valley of Dayton office know and we will do what we can to make sure their needs are addressed.

We will make it through this pandemic. As Masons, this is our opportunity to shine in a time of trouble and turmoil for our fellow man. Remember, society only knows us by our actions. Shine bright and be safe.

Duane Wooton
Deputy Master
Gabriel Lodge of Perfection
Valley of Dayton