Here is another reflection from Ill. Bro. John E. Rhodes, Jr., 33°

When our children were young and just getting started in this world. It was always important to point out to them things that would harm them “That’s hot, don’t touch”, “Careful, you’ll fall!”, “That’s sharp, don’t cut yourself!” were examples or warnings given.

In spite of these warnings, invariably there would be falls, requiring stitches,  kids getting lost in the department store, requiring panicked searches or  fingers pinched by doors closing.  We also went to great lengths to point out the good in the world, things that would help them.  That’s a policeman, he’s here to help you, that red light means to stop, or the doctor will make you feel better. Most of the time they listened, sometimes not.

The one piece of advice that as parents we gave, that stuck with our children, and to this day as adults they remember.  If you’re lost?  if you have a problem? If you need help and do not know who to ask, look for the square and compass.  It may be a ring, it may be a belt buckle, it may be a lapel pin, but look for a Mason!  Our kids, as did I, grew up around masons, they know them to be good people, they know how to recognize them, and I am confident that if they asked, help would be on the way!  I believe in Masonry as a way of life and I am thankful for knocking on that door.

John E. Rhodes Jr 33°