Celebrating  Easter as Masons

Today Christians around the world celebrate the resurrection of Christ and the promise of eternal life ever after. It is also a reminder that the last supper was in fact a Passover Seder. It is the combination of these two events that remind us of the bonds between Christianity and Judaism.

If you are a member of a lodge like mine, you have members of multiple faiths in your lodge. At any given time we have had three holy books on our altar, the Holy Bible, the Torah and the Koran. For me this is a reminder that we as Masons are all traveling a parallel path, that regardless of what our individual beliefs are, we are in search of the same thing, the immortality of the soul and life eternal.

Regardless of your religion, it is my sincere hope and prayer that you and yours will one day travel along the path of revelation as well. It is my hope that as you travel through life, regardless of the religion you may practice, in your heart that you remember that when we “love on another” we are taking that one step closer to the divine and to life eternal and immortal.

Freemasonry is big on symbolism so a quick Easter symbolism review:

•             Eggs symbolize new life.

•             Easter bunny represents fertility.

•             Lamb symbolizes Jesus as it embodies innocence, purity, goodness and sacrifice.

•             Easter Lily represents resurrection of Jesus.

Happy Easter, no matter how you celebrate or spend this day!

Nathan H. Pelfrey, 33°