Principles of Freemasons

When we think about community, we often first associate it with the network of people surrounding us in any given setting. From our schools and neighborhoods to families and organizations, it is the people who give these groups purpose and value. Now, as we try to move forward in these unpredictable and unprecedented times, I’ve found myself finding comfort and strength in the Masonic community, even in the physical absence of people. Freemasonry teachings inspire us to have charity and goodwill towards all mankind, and to translate these principles and convictions into action. Now is a more dire time than ever to make sure we’re putting these teachings into practice. 

In the moments of solitude or missed opportunities for traditional social connection with my fellow brothers, I have realized that the principles on which our community was founded are the pillars we truly must lean on to lead others through the storm. Freemasonry is devoted to the promotion of the welfare and happiness of all mankind. It teaches us that unselfishness is a duty and that it’s not only more blessed to give than to receive, but also more rewarding. Our Masonic community is a unique one, in that its members and its foundation both play such an integral part of our success; in times like these, when traditional in-person gatherings aren’t an option, our members stand strongly rooted in our foundation and our commitment to brotherhood. With this, we never waver in the storm. We shine as leaders, as examples of kindness and empathy – of integrity. 

I’ve appreciated the opportunity to find new ways to virtually keep in touch with my fellow brothers and I know our commitment to maintaining those relationships is strong. But beyond this, I am always in awe of how well our fraternity withstands society’s challenges, of how we as brothers come out stronger on the other side of uncertainty. Our ability to implement freemasonry teachings and put these principles into action is proof that our community is one of the strongest and most valuable resources we have.