We can all admit that we are living a very different way of life in this world today.

We are Freemasons! We are used to our regimented way of life, structure and traditions. But, we have been forced to make necessary changes and adaptations for the good of our order. Many of these adaptations are changes that probably many of us wanted to avoid. Scottish Rite Freemasonry has entered into the digital world!

Although I am a Scottish Rite Freemason and have been in and taken part in many degrees, I feel as if I am always the Fellowcraft, learning, studying and assessing situations in hopes to make the most positive impact.

I am very proud of my brethren who have taken the lead and pushed forward through this troubling time. We have found a way to stay in touch with our brethren, offer digital degrees, and contact potential new candidates.

When this is all over brothers, we will have received more light! What will we do with this new light? Will we return to the way we used to do things? Will we immediately revert back to our old ways? Or will we be the Fellowcraft and in our manhood, study the partial light we have received. What will we do with the knowledge  we have gained and successes we have made? Is this a blessing in disguise for our fraternity?

I do not have the answers to these questions yet, but together as brothers we will find them.

The Great Architect of the Universe has a plan for us brethren, and we need but to listen with open minds remembering that before entering upon any important undertaking it is proper to invoke the blessing of God.
Keep well brothers!

Keith M. Rawlins
First Lieutenant Commander
Dayton Consistory, Valley of Dayton