I Couldn’t Be Prouder Than To Be A Mason At This Time

I have always considered myself to be a traditional Mason having been initiated into the fraternity in 1976. After completing my military obligation and receiving my college degree I joined Stillwater Lodge #616 after being sponsored by several prominent Masons in my local church. I must confess that I knew very little about Masonry. Even though my grandfather and father were members of the fraternity, because of our fraternal traditions they said very little about our obligation to the Craft. However, I was counseled by many of the brethren in the lodge.

The fraternity has changed since my initiation in 1976. We have been able to tell the story of Free Masonry to anyone who is interested. Through my travels in Masonry in Ohio and beyond I have been amazed with the old traditions mixed with the new fraternal experiences. I have seen men step up in leadership roles and take charge of the mission of Free Masonry, “Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth”. I have witnessed our heroes at the Ohio Masonic Home caring for our Brother Masons and their families. I have seen our many charities making a difference in our communities. Our impact on today’s youth has continued to be very important. Finally, I have witnessed young men inspired to join our ranks as Masons.

Over the years I have learned what it is to be a Mason. Yes, I am Proud To Be A Mason and stand with my brethren in the future of our Great Fraternity.