Freemasonry 2020

As we ushered in a new decade in Freemasonry who could have ever imagined we would now be in self-isolation, our lodges closed, our entire country impacted as we sit tight to weather the storm?  As Freemasons, sitting tight is not what we do, we are traveling men.   It has been our very nature to be industrious ones, traveling to lodges, traveling to support our craft and traveling to attend to the needs our fellow brethren.   As our Grand Master MWB Keith Newton indicated, “the values of Freemasonry never change, our ways of embodying and sharing it are constantly being adapted and shaped for the world and time in which we live”.     What a powerful statement given our current situation.  

True our values will always remain steadfast, and we now know that Freemasonry 2020 will certainly challenge all of us to adapt to the times we have been presented with.    We have quickly adapted as we begun to have virtual lodge meetings to conduct business and to Live Stream AASR Member Only Degrees.   As we continue to adapt and conform to the needs of our members, what lies ahead for Freemasonry 2020?   Live Stream Grand Lodge Sessions, Live Stream Reunions, Live Stream Membership Night, Virtual Election of Officers or Live Stream District Meetings just to mention a few.   In all cases, technology continues to be a key element in helping to build and maintain our fraternity.    As Freemasonry and Scottish Rite evolves, we must help to support our leaders and officers as they too are traveling through uncharted waters.   With our core values of Masonry guiding our hearts and hands, we will travel this tempestuous sea together to guide us back into our lodges and cathedrals which are now empty.     Our forefathers have built a fraternity that has stood the test of time, and we will persevere.  

Please continue to be safe and healthy and stay in touch with your masonic brethren.

Bryan D. Worley
Most Wise Master
Dayton Chapter, Rose Croix