One of my favorite Masonic quotes:

As I was reflecting this weekend while working on a home project. I was thinking of Time?

How we use it?

How much do we have of it?

How valuable is it?

We can’t stop it?

We can’t save it?

What is the cost to give it?

But as I have reflected on it throughout my hours of labor this weekend, these are some of my reflections:

Time has more value than we could ever earn or use in money. This weekend while I was working with my family on our project, we spent precious Time together building something that will be forever remembered in a trying Time of history COVID-19. Time that did not cost me any money.

While working on the project we had neighbors come over to help because we spend Time helping each other in our neighborhood. We had our kid’s friends stop by and help for a couple of hours because I always help them with the cars and motorcycle problems.

We spent lots of Time laughing and telling stories and joking with one another.

So here is my take on Time

It is the most valuable thing that I have and can give someone because it is free, if I choose it to be.

The rewards of giving Time are FOREVER remembered, example is my neighbors and the kid’s friends. They helped without asking for any payment.

The Time that is shared with others, your family, your Masonic family, etc. are memories that are free and always remembered in their stories that are told and shared from generation to generation.

So… the bottom line is that TIME is what builds your LEGACY and HONOR because it is truly from the Heart of giving. Not your worldly wealth. Wealth can buy things, but the Heart of giving your Time to someone who needs it at no cost, is so self-rewarding money can not touch it.

So, what are you doing with your Time that is building your Legacy?

Richard Bootes
Captain of the Guar
Lodge of Perfection