The present events all of us are going through are unprecedented in our lifetime. No doubt all our lives will be forever changed by the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. Throughout history, there have been events that have changed the world as we know it today. Some for good, some not so good. Only time will tell what change this virus will have on mankind.

As, “Not just a man but a Mason”, I have been asking myself lately, what can I do to be of service and to help lighten the load of my fellow man. I have asked myself what can I do for my fraternity. I think now, more than ever, Masons need to practice out of the lodge room those virtues we have been taught in it.

We have changed how our fraternity meets, with “virtual meetings”. “Zoom” has become a new word in my vocabulary. We have found a way, in these troubled times, to meet and converse with our fellow Brothers as never before. We are using modern technology as a “working tool” to complete the tasks of our labors.

A couple of weeks ago I was trying to think what I could do and be of service to my friends and neighbors in my hometown. Being a musician most of my life, I was practicing my guitar one afternoon in my living room and had an epiphany. I could put on a concert for my neighborhood! But how? I communicated my idea to my local police department and fire department for their thoughts and guidance. They thought it was a great idea.

This is what transpired. I asked all my neighborhood to set in their own driveways and yards. I set up my sound system in my own driveway and ended up putting on a two-hour show! I was overwhelmed by the response. For a short time, I helped to lift the burdens of my friends. I helped to show that in order to have good neighbors, you need to be a good neighbor. We came together to help each other.

As a man, I saw the need for service. As a Mason, I was compelled to respond.

Harless H. Maynard, MSA
Captain of the Guard, Dayton Chapter of Rose Croix