The EA Charge admonishes us that “No institution was ever raised on better principles, or more solid foundation; nor were ever more excellent rules and useful maxims laid down that are inculcated in the several Masonic lectures”, and these Blue Lodge lessons are further expanded upon in the Scottish Rite Degree work in the most beautiful and impressive manner. 

As one who gives all three of the Lectures in Blue Lodge, I have always found this admonishment in the EA Charge to be true, particularly since the COVID-19 pandemic began shutting down each and every aspects of our lives.  To me, this means  that we are to “walk the walk” of Freemasonry in all that we do.

I also believe that, particularly during the “quarantine era”, perhaps the most-useful maxim submitted to us in Freemasonry is CHARITY: Charity to all mankind, and further that it is incumbent upon us as Freemasons to actively seek out opportunities to be Charitable, rather than hope the perfect opportunity simply falls into our laps.

The 1st Degree Lecture lesson which first comes to mind is that of “Faith, Hope and Charity”: each of which is vital during these trying times, but particularly Charity.

This lesson of Charity is further exemplified in the 1st Degree Lecture by the Three Great Tenets of our Professions as Masons:  Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth: remember that we are one family created by one Almighty Parent who are to aid, support and protect each other, and relieve each other’s distress.

The 2nd Degree Lecture expands upon this by explaining that by Speculative Masonry we are taught, among other lessons: to practice Charity.

In the 3rd Degree Lecture, we are informed that “It might have pleased the great Creator of heaven and earth to have made man independent of all other beings; but as dependence is one of the strongest bonds of society, mankind were made dependent on each other for protection and security, as they thereby enjoy better opportunities of fulfilling the duties of reciprocal love and friendship. Thus was man form for social and active life – the noblest part of the work of God.”   Think of the power of that last phrase: “the noblest part of the work of God”, which to me is amazing that by simply helping our fellow man through providing protection and security, we can assist God with the noblest part of His work.

I invite you to pull out your Blue Lodge Ritual today and read through the three Lectures to further absorb the lessons taught therein, particularly with regards to Charity.  I also invite you, once we are able to meet again in person as Scottish Rite Masons, to pay special attention to our beautiful AASR Degree work with a particular eye towards this lesson of Charity, which if properly fulfilled by us will be to the mutual benefit and satisfaction of God, our Country, our neighbor, and ourselves.

George E. Moore, 32°
Engineer and Seneschal
Dayton Consistory