While the circumstances of our being in this “stay at home” era are beyond most of our control let us utilize our time together to build a strong bond with family, friends and brethren.

I know that as Freemasons we all love to travel to other lodges and activities to meet old friends, make new ones and expand our Masonic knowledge. Unless you have a chauffeur to drive you around, we spend several hours just traveling. While some of this time can be spent rehearsing ritual, we can now spend that time on the phone, video chatting or teleconferencing.

For me, I was able to video chat with my aunt and uncle who live in Arizona. We have not been able to see them since my Father passed away 24 years ago. So we decided to video chat with them and learned that my uncle was very sick and bed ridden. We decided to plan a trip to see them this summer and continued to video chat with them, but he passed away on 3 Apr. I am thankful for the few weeks we had to just talk, I will miss him, and he was always fun to be around.

My point to all this is we have an opportunity to contact family and Brethren that we have not seen in a while and get reacquainted with them. So pick up the phone and call someone you have not spoken to in a while and get reacquainted with them. None of us has any idea how long our thread of life is.

Many Masonic activates are now available electronically that will allow you to keep in touch with others and continue your Masonic knowledge. Take this “stay at home” time to utilize some of these resources.