These truly are unprecedented times. I know that we have lost Brothers in the past few months and many of them did not receive a Scottish Rite ring service. These are our Brothers and they deserve to be honored. The Lodge of Perfection would like to offer the ring service to any family of a Brother who has passed during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Hopefully you recall your 14th degree where you received your Scottish Rite ring from the Valley of Dayton. During that ceremony you were instructed as to your rite to receive a ring service upon your demise.

The Lodge of Perfection would like to remind you to share this information with your family or another Brother. Make sure they know where to locate your white apron and 14th degree ring. Upon a Brother’s death, an informed funeral director, family member or Brother should contact the Scottish Rite office as soon as possible. They will need to provide as much information as possible, at least the funeral home and a phone number for someone with arrangements.

A brief explanation for those that are not familiar with our service; typically the Brother’s Blue Lodge will perform a service, usually at the end of the visitation. The Scottish Rite ring service immediately follows the Blue Lodge service and lasts just a few minutes. At the end of the service the Brother’s Scottish Rite ring is presented to a family member, with a brief lesson on how it is to be kept. We can perform the Scottish Rite ring service without the Blue Lodge service. The ring service can be performed at the funeral home or at a graveside service. We are flexible and will make every accommodation we can to honor our Brother.

Many times these services are the only exposure to Freemasonry that a man may experience. Often our Blue Lodges receive requests for petitions as a result of this experience. For this reason alone, we need to take our funeral and ring services seriously. My first exposure to Masonry was my grandfather’s funeral service. I was 10 years old and decided then that I wanted to be a part of this fraternity. Please take part in your lodge’s services, whether you know the man or not. Our services truly provide comfort to the family and you will be known for your affiliation to our craft. Remember that society only knows Masons by the actions of the individuals. Stand up for our brethren.

If you know of a Brother who did not receive his ring service, and the family would like for us to perform it at their Celebration of Life or Memorial service, please contact the office with the information.

E. Duane Wooton

Thrice Potent Master

Gabriel Lodge of Perfection