WB. George E. Moore is an officer in Datyon Consistory.

“An Empty Chair” – A Masonic Poem by George E. Moore

It’s every Mason’s dream to fill up all the chairs;
A Brother in every seat, just like yesteryear.

When a Masonic function was “the place to go”;
Back when we used the folding chairs to make a second row.

When Brothers would fill every seat to watch the work be done;
Then retire to the dining room: food, fellowship and fun!

But in our zeal for this task, to fill every one of them;
Perhaps leave “an empty chair” for our Departed Brethren.

For the Brothers that have gone before us, some many years ago;
And some that used to sit in Lodge and tell us all “hello”.

Some of them we’d shake their hands, many we never met;
But they’re all our Masonic Brothers, ‘n may we not forget:

We perform the same Rituals, wear the same Aprons and Jewels;
‘N we all took to heart the lessons of the Working Tools.

Some sat in the Officer’s chairs, some even in the East;
We miss them all regardless, their Labors have now ceased.

But it matters not what chair they took, or how often they’d attend;
For they are all our Brothers, that’s all that matters in the end.

Masonry is timeless, the same throughout the years;
We thank them for the path they blazed, which helped us all get here.

They’ve laid down their earthly working tools the Master handed them;
To serve the Supreme Grand Master, whose Lodge is up in Heaven.

But their Labor is but far from done, in far and distant lands;
Serving in that Lodge above, that “House Made Not With Hands”.

And may they continue to help us here, to guide us down the paths;
That serve the Supreme Grand Master, from the first to the last.

Yes, we strive to fill all the seats, but maybe leave just one;
For our departed Brethren whose work down here is done.

Author: George E. Moore
P.M. of Celina #241 F. & A.M., Celina, Ohio; K.Y.C.H.

November 23, 2020